Connect. Measure. Share.

AffirmCare third-party certification Connects the patient to scheduled care, Measures your organization's internal controls and Shares your competitive advantage.

AffirmCare Connects your Patients Care

AffirmCare Certification makes it easy to Connect to patient scheduled care. The MyCare wireless device is as easy as pushing a button and instantly sends real-time data to the AffirmCare Certification portal indicating that care has arrived.

AffirmCare Measures your Internal Controls

Everyone boasts they have the best care, the best staff, and the best track record. When it comes to saying you’re the best, you need to prove it! AffirmCare Certification measures what matters when it comes to on-time care and internal control policies.

AffirmCare Helps Share your Results

When armed with AffirmCare Certification, the proper internal controls are in place. Now you can Share with your clients, prospects, and referral network your company committment to delivering on-time care and providing peace of mind.